Transitional Consulting and Program Expansion: 

When organizations acquire new programs or expand existing services, planning, resource development, coordination, and communication are key, both internally and externally. An outside resource can often provide the bird’s eye view that is challenging for an organization to observe itself, especially during times of transition.  Our consulting service offers structure, resource development, landscape analysis, and strategy to transitions and expansions in organizational and program planning. 


Economic Development Planning: 

At the heart of all communities is its landscape – physical, environmental, economic, and built. Economic development planning serves communities by tackling issues or challenges that can positively or negatively impact growth. Facilitating conversations and ideas around a community’s built environment, industry mix, job growth, and community resources assists entities in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in developing a roadmap for their common goals. We have the ability to help in structured planning, business development and commercial attraction, business and community organizing, and advisory services geared to drive public policy toward community economic development goals. 



Taking into account the needs of employers and jobseekers, and the geographic isolation of communities in New York City and across New York State, place-based workforce planning is a key component to economic and workforce development initiatives. Assisting both companies and not-for-profit organizations training and placing workers, we assess the needs of both to ensure that community and business needs are closely aligned in a way that benefits local residents and encourages the improvement and impact of the local economy. Services include community benefits development, identification of local workforce and training providers, the organization of community meetings and presentations, labor market needs analysis and research, as well as facilitation with local stakeholder groups.


Community Coordination:

Organizations often find themselves in the presence of opportunities that can benefit their participants but don’t have the capacity to take advantage of these opportunities. By coordinating and organizing within their community, NFP’s can readily expand the breadth and depth of their services in order to be able to better serve their participant base, or access grants and funds that they would normally not be equipped to compete for. Services in this area include development of strategic outreach plans, facilitation of meetings and workshops, community based partner development, resource planning, and identification and facilitation of strategic partnerships.


Program Evaluation & Impact, Coaching and Framework Development:

Firms can find the process of evaluating the impact of their programs and services difficult to manage internally. Staff can be challenged in recognizing the impact and potential of their work, how it aligns with outcomes and outputs, and what that means for the “big picture”. Services in this area include developing common language and goals to enhance program performance, comprehensive reviews of program indicators, service alignment evaluations,  staff coaching and development of actionable plans that take into account past and current organizational performance, and future capacity and opportunities.